Transform your house into a powerful positive magnetic "energy plant"!

Create a beacon of positive magnetic energy available for everyone in the household
Recharge your North Stone as often as needed

Dear Friend,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the very exclusive "club" of people that can benefit from the magnetic powers of the true "NORTH STONE"! You won’t believe your eyes!  

My Friend, there is no doubt about that: 

You are going to be a fan, a true North Stone believer in no time!

Because, everyday, you will feel the warmth and positive energy of the North Stone "massaging" your body and mind! A truly empowering experience that will become stronger and better with time!

Yes, wearing the North Stone will create a Natural Magnetic Field around you! You will be in tune with Gaia, our dear mother planet Earth! In tune with the Global Earth Magnetic Field…. And that matters:

As your experience with the North Stone deepens, you will notice some amazing things happening in your daily life. I already told you in my previous messages about the benefits you can get from the North Stone. And there are many:  

  • MONEY and POWER...

My Friend, what a bliss! Yes, there is much to gain from the powers of the North Stone. But all these benefits come at a price. They wear out the stone's magnetic power…

It sounds logical, right? When you draw power from an energy source, you slowly deplete this same energy source! It’s physics. Along the years, people that have worn the North Stone for extended periods of time reported this depletion phenomenon...

For many years, as a solution, we proposed a special bonus offer for people to buy another North Stone. And they did it gladly considering all the good things they got from this most amazing stone! 

But with the years we came up with a better solution:   

Recharge your North Stone as often as needed!

As a matter of fact, our R&D team has investigated this issue. We learned that we can recharge a North Stone with a bigger fragment of a North Stone. The math is simple: It takes a fragment of magnetite to recharge your North Stone as often as needed...

FYI: Our research team has also stressed out one big fact: The more magnetism is required, the more the magnetic charge of the North Stone wears out! Some people are in need of more power from the North Stone than others! It all depends on your Natural magnetism… How weak or strong it was to begin with…

Well, my friend, you won’t have to bother with this issue now:


I have specially put aside this wonderful fragment of pure condensed magnetic virtues! I give a name to this fragment. I call it the NORTH STONE STATION! Actually, it’s both a piece of art and the solution to recharge your North Stone at will and more!

And more? YES, you’ll see! But right now, as a general rule of thumb, we suggest that every day, you put your North Stone close to your NORTH STONE STATION at least 15 minutes at your convenience! Easy, right?

Well my friend, when I say: "it’s a piece of art", I mean what I say. It is literally a piece of art. It will look good in your living room, in your bedroom. It will perfectly fit in your home and people will notice and ask: "Where did you get it?"

Now, let’s talk about the new benefits that you can draw from your NORTH STONE STATION combined with your personal North Stone:  

Increase positive Earth magnetism around you and your loved ones

As its dimensions are wider than your North Stone's, you can expect this ‘baby’ to deliver a reinforced magnetic protection field. It will surround your house, which means that you and your loved ones who live there will benefit from the positive effects of Natural Earth Magnetism at its very best!

Transform your house into a powerful
and Multiply the positive effects of your personal North Stone!

The bigger the better, they say. Well, that also applies to the size of magnetite! Its weight provides more magnetic energy than your personal North Stone.

My Friend, your NORTH STONE STATION is a powerful natural magnet! It’s WAY MORE POWERFUL than your North Stone. Again, it’s physics: 

Your NORTH STONE STATION yields more magnetic force than your personal North Stone to the point that when placed near the NORTH STONE STATION, it will get more than just charged. It will be overcharged with the energy needed to achieve your goals, your protection, your luck!

Yes, you read that right: Not only will your NORTH STONE STATION benefit all your loved ones but it will also increase the power of your personal North Stone! That’s what people that have opted for their personal NORTH STONE STATION claim!

To be kept confidential: Last report from customer service

“I was blown away by the strong effects”  

“ … … More than amazing: I can feel the difference! Though my North Stone was providing nice feelings, I must say that I was blown away by the strong effects of my NORTH STONE STATION. Everybody around has caught the flu, besides my family and I. Coincidence, I don’t think so… I can feel a rushing life energy when my personal North Stone is charged...”

Mr. F. D. (testimonial No 84057) 

“…a lot of good things have been happening to me…”  

“ While staying a few days for Thanksgiving at our place, my niece told me:

"What have you done here, Aunt Meg? I can feel something but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe you'll think I’m stupid but ever since I stayed at your house, gosh, a lot of good things have been happening to me… Mom told you about this new position at work I was hoping for and that was declined… Well, they just called me and I got the promotion! And Remember Ron, my boy-friend who was having cold feet popping the question? He called me too! He just proposed to me, he couldn't wait any longer… So what is it with your house?…"

I told her everything about the North Stone and she ordered one right away. Thank you for your delivery system. My niece got her piece before heading back to San Francisco…”

Mrs. M.G. (testimonial No 54639)

And you know, my dear friend, I could dig in customer feedback and find many more positive testimonies like these ones regarding the NORTH STONE STATION. Magnetism is a natural power. So, when you are close to a very powerful Natural Magnetic Source like the NORTH STONE STATION, happy things tend to happen quicker and faster!


There is another thing you should know about the NORTH STONE STATION. It acts as a "Magnetic Wi-fi Device". It establishes a magnetic connection with the bearers of a North Stone, contributing to a better subliminal understanding of each other.

But there is more…

When charging your personal North Stone, the NORTH STONE STATION will give you an extra kick! You could notice that your charisma and your magnetic personality become stronger. Furthermore, your extra magnetic power could allow you to influence people easily with merely a few words…

And the best part of it is:

People wouldn’t even know that they could be under the influence of your reinforced magnetism! Truly amazing! A wonderful advantage brought by your NORTH STONE STATION! 


After all, protection is one of the most important priorities there is. Your personal North Stone will provide you such protection on an individual level. But, when combined with your NORTH STONE STATION, your level of protection and security should increase by a factor of ten. Not to mention that all your house could be shielded from any sort of what we may call "negative energy"….

This is especially true if your home is located on a bad telluric spot or is affected by objects charged with negative energies. This is more frequent than you may think. Your NORTH STONE STATION could take care of it, shielding your home from unwanted forces.  

FYI: Recent studies and surveys show that our own magnetic field is disturbed and attacked by what is called electromagnetic pollution. It’s factual: every day we are "swimming" in an ocean of electromagnetic waves: Wi-fi, 4G, 5G and more…

My Friend, to the best of our knowledge, the North Sone seems to act as a magnetic shield against this new type of pollution that affects your natural balance and harmony with Life’s forces!

Its shielding effects should get stronger with your NORTH STONE STATION!


Once again, it’s physics: When you increase the volume of a Magnetite, it seems that you increase its power. It is only logical to assume that the NORTH STONE STATION, because of its broader dimensions, should deliver more benefits to you and your loved ones!



Dear friend,

As you see, we have led advanced research projects for many years, including the connection between music, sounds, and their influence on our health (physical, emotional, and spiritual).

Our research has led us to rediscover an ancestral secret, forgotten for too long, and yet so essential to our evolution… Sacred Frequencies!

For more than 5 years now we have been working to reproduce identical copies of these primordial sounds of Creation through therapeutic music. These Sacred Frequencies used in our Cleansing Frequency Meditation are composed of various sounds and music,  blended at 528Hz frequencies.

Why are they “Sacred”?

Music and sounds produced with this very specific 528Hz frequency have uncanny powers… that have been scientifically proven!

“Sacred” because they offer infinite possibilities, such as:

- Cleanse your home from negative energies,
- Healing abilities,
- DNA repair,
- Universal knowledge and connection,
- A return to a spiritual order and harmony...

The list of benefits is far too long to be fully transcribed here.

History and science have both tragically “forgotten” about it!

Sounds generated by the original notes follow a very specific frequency that directly influences the body and mind. This is why we have decided to recreate this secret musical language gifted with fantastic powers… and give it to you as your Free Gift with your NORTH STONE STATION!

Music and Sounds at the very specific frequency of 528Hz
affect the body and mind,
removing negative energy from your home
and cleansing it deeply!

Our Cleansing Frequency Meditation can bring natural, effective, and permanent solutions to remove physical and psychological troubles… No matter what they are! So enjoy your free gift that will improve your life and cleanse your home from negative energies!


As a new member of the North Stone Bearers "club", I wish to give you the best, as always. To get your personal NORTH STONE STATION, just fill in the invitation that is attached to this message. This is what you will get:


That's 50% less than retail price! 

You read that right: 50% off! Quite a bargain, don’t you think? Well, at North Stone World Institute, we want to please you and give you 100% satisfaction. And your satisfaction starts with us offering the best price! Done!

My Friend, on top of it, I will send you, in addition to your NORTH STONE STATION, your very special gift: Your Cleansing Frequency Meditation for free.

And remember:  


As I told you, the Cleansing Frequency Meditation works for every North Stone carrier.
It will deliver the same strong positive effects to your personal North Stone.

This free gift will help you achieve your goal more quickly even if you decide to get a full refund for your NORTH STONE STATION.

My Friend, I am so enthusiastic about sending you your NORTH STONE STATION and your free gift. As a matter of fact, I have already put aside your NORTH STONE STATION and your meditation. They are ready to provide you with the benefits you expect. And I am ready to send them to you immediately, as soon as I receive your special invitation just below!

Now that you have a personal North Stone, it’s time to harvest more good things! It can happen sooner and quicker than you think. To do so, just fill in your invitation! You deserve the best and you will have the best! 

Special warm regards,

Kathleen Weston
NORTH STONE World Institute

P.S.: This one-time deal will last 7 days. After these 7 days, I will give this unique chance to get the personal NORTH STONE STATION and the Cleansing Frequency Meditation to another of our privileged friends and customers…