Did you know that the Earth has a magnetic field that can influence us positively or negatively. A magnetism that no one can escape!

Find out today how  you can take control of this magnetism and improve your life.

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Although the properties of human magnetism have been very well studied and proven over thousands of years now, the properties of mineral magnetism have been greatly overlooked.

This guide will enable you to better understand the extraordinary capacities of the mineral kingdom and of the magnetism of stones, including the North Stone, the most powerful natural magnetic stone in the world, to help you achieve your objectives and make your desires come true in all the areas where you need to improve your life.  

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It has been proven and recognized:

Terrestrial magnetism can influence the body and mind. Its positive action has always been known, and can be traced back to Antiquity. The concept of magnetism was already known in Ancient Egypt.

Here is what specialists have to say about magnetism:   

  • Magnetism is a natural stream of energy that can soothe and relieve. It can supposedly release blocked energies and restore balance to them.
  • Magnetism can also presumably solve physical and emotional blocks. It is said that it relieves mental and moral suffering. Magnetism is meant to restore energy, relax, soothe, calm, and invigorate.
  • The word Magnetism comes from the Latin word “Magnes”, which means magnet.
  • The Arctic is the most magnetic region on Earth. The North Stone has been mined for centuries from Kiruna, in the northern part of Sweden.
  • This stone is a natural magnet. As such, it has a pure and natural action. This magnetic stone results from the magnetic forces of the Earth. It has a continuous effect.